Arturo Ramudo

Arturo Ramudo, CPA, CISA and Spidell Publishing, Inc. have announced that they are joining forces to provide you with all of the ethics and regulatory review courses you need to maintain your California CPA license. Through Spidell, Art will continue to provide excellent information and war stories via live seminars, webinars, and self-study courses. For more information on these new offerings, please click on the tabs above.

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Spidell Publishing has been a critical source of California tax information for tax professionals since 1975. Spidell, promotes ideas, references, solutions, and guidance, plus news and commentary covering all aspects of tax and its administration. Spidell offers CPAs all of the education they need to maintain their licenses. This includes seminars, webinars, and self-study to fulfill all of the CPAs taxation, accounting and auditing, ethics, and regulatory review requirements.

Arturo Ramudo, CPA, CISA

Arturo Ramudo, CPA, CISA is a former Board of Accountancy investigator. He is a nationally recognized public speaker, researcher, and seminar leader with 35 years of experience in ethics, standards of practice, and internal quality control. His courses are interesting, thought provoking, and hit at real life scenarios.